Qualified Dog Training

It’s all about YOUR Dog…

There are many ways to train a dog; we need to understand that all dogs are individuals; with over 400 different breeds there is an amazing variety within each breed, and indeed each litter. It is rare to be able to use just one method of training; rather it is a variety of methods which tends to work best. As a reward based trainer I aim to motivate your dog to want to work with you. Rewards can of course take on many guises, from the obvious such as treats, tuggys, balls, etc. to the more subtle such as the correct command, good timing, structure, routine etc…

There are of course positive and negative rewards to be aware of. However there is nothing better than seeing both owner and dog connect, it is I believe the key to a long and happy relationship.

Often this basic bond is formed by providing the Five Welfare Needs, you can learn out more about the Five Welfare Needs at www.rspca.org.uk

There are also many other ways to build trust and understanding between owner and dog, an example would be PLAY. A good indicator of trust I have found is if the dog willingly accepts, and indeed seeks out the owner’s attention and PLAY. This can open many doors both ways. To the dog it really is all about FUN, if we can tap into this vital area it allows a much deeper relationship.

Motivational training is the key; contact me to book your training session.

 Our prices for this fully insured service are:


 1-2-1 SessionsP.O.A.45 Minutes
Group Sessions£ 10.00
45 Minutes
Socialisation Sessions£ 15.0030 minutes
Scent Work£ 20.0045 minutes
Puppy Classes£ 10.00
45 Minutes

 Any additional requirements can be tailored to your individual needs.

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