I am Cory

My mum and dad rescued me in July 2012. In that time I have become accustomed to 5* luxury and care, long may it continue.

As you can see I am very handsome, smart too and I just love to ‘be a dog’.

Dad thinks he is ‘top dog’ but I know it’s ‘Bea’ who is really in charge.

I was unlucky to have several health issues early on, but with the love and care of Mum, Dad and the vets, it is now hard to believe there was ever anything wrong with me.

I love to go swimming (Hydrotherapy) and this has made me a very strong and healthy dog, along with all the other exercise and top quality food I get. Mum can tell you all about nutrition; I just love to eat it all.

I am very good natured and often used to help socialise other dogs that need help with play and learning to be a dog.

Dad says I would be very naughty if allowed to, but ‘Bea’ keeps me in line.

Cory's Case History

We were lucky enough to adopt Cory, a very handsome Rough Collie x Malamute x German Shepherd Dog???  from The Animal Charity in Bishop Stortford in July 2012.

Soon after poor old Cory was in the wars. On 5 September 2012 Cory had to have an operation to repair his right hind leg for a torn medial retinaculum (MR). Then on the 19 November  2012 he had a parallel operation on his left hind leg (MR). Unfortunately complications set in resulting in him having yet another operation on 27 November 2012.

During his extended 7 month recovery period we had to gradually evolve a plan to keep this young dog’s mind and body active; we played mind games, apple bobbing, used nose work, extended grooming sessions and spent 20 minutes daily of controlled tuggy play with him on his orthopaedic bed, which he loved. We also had to be careful not to allow too much weight gain. Cory’s recovery and sign-off was not completed until March 2013. Towards the end of and after recovery his exercise programme had to be enhanced gradually to build up his general strength. Due to his limited exercise during his lengthy recovery period, Cory’s hind legs suffered muscle wastage. After further extensive research we were able to develop a long term plan to help rectify this.

At the end of August 2013 Cory participated in a residential Dog Handlers Course with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT), where he achieved his bronze certificate for the National Code. Well done Cory!

By October 2013 it was apparent that although Cory had made a good recovery he still needed further remedial help. We therefore considered all options and decided that best course of action was for Cory to embark on a rehabilitation course including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, at Theravet. Cory’s personal physiotherapist/hydrotherapist is Becky who Cory loves and shows his appreciation with lots of kisses. As we could see visible progress we decided to continue this treatment to ensure his recovery is maximised.

At the end of August 2014 Cory participated in a residential Instructors Course with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT), where he achieved his Agility Groundwork certificate. Well done again Cory!

We are pleased our efforts have paid off as Cory continues to thrive and be happy, and visually you would never know his medical history.


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