I am Bea

When my mum and dad first rescued me in December 2012, I was in a bit of a state; very underweight with anxiety issues, food intolerance, an upset tummy all the time and very nervous. However with a lot of care and attention along with training and a routine I love. I am now “amazing” (says dad).

When I first arrived I was totally focused on Dad and hated when he left me, but with a new routine of Mum doing all the feeding and training and fun things I have become a real family dog.

Fortunately mum and dad understand I do still need something to give me a job so you will often see me running around with my tuggy – it’s my job!

I am often called upon to tell dad what other dogs are like and keep ‘Cory’ on the straight and narrow, my particular favourite.

Now I am over most of my ‘issues’ I just love being a dog, I know where I stand and what is expected of me.

If you see me with my tuggy, give me a wave.

Bea's Case History

We were lucky enough to adopt beautiful Bea in December 2012 from the Pampered Pets Hotel – Canine Rescue, Suffolk.

Bea arrived to us with separation anxiety, she was very underweight and had various digestive problems. To resolve these challenges we approached each challenge individually but in a complementary way. Gentle training was one of the key factors in unlocking most of Bea’s anxiety issues. We spent time observing her behaviours and formulated a bespoke programme specifically tailored for Bea, we also found it very beneficial for her to wear an Adaptil anti-stress collar, throughout this initial programme. She then embarked on a gradual desensitisation training programme to help resolve her anxiety. This has worked extremely well and she no longer needs to wear her Adaptil collar. For her digestive problems we adapted and tailored her daily nutrition to suit her individual requirements, which has completely resolved her digestive issues and has allowed her significant but acceptable weight gain. Overall her health has improved tremendously.

At the end of August 2013 Bea participated in a residential Dog Handlers Course with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT), where she achieved her bronze certificate for the National Code. Well done Bea!

In February 2014 Bea started to have problems with her anal glands. We considered and researched all her options, particularly as removal could cause anal incontinence. After consulting various specialists and having tried the various long term medication route it was mutually agreed that the best thing for Bea at this stage was to go ahead with an operation. Bea had her anal glands removed on 1 September 2014. Thankfully the operation was successful and her recovery was even better than we could have hoped.

As Bea has mild hip dysplasia we started her on a course of hydrotherapy. Bea absolutely loves these sessions and is by far their most enthusiastic client in the pool. So much so she now thinks she is ready for the channel crossing, or so she tells us!

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