Bare Bones Spa

Luxury Dog Grooming

Bare Bones Spa – Luxury Dog Grooming

Our ‘Bare Bones Spa’ offers a special pet grooming service helping to keep your dog gleaming clean, comfortable and healthy in a hygienic, safe and friendly environment.

 It is important to us that Your dog is as calm, comfortable and stress-free as possible during their groom. So with that in mind we only ever book one dog in for grooming at a time unless they are from the same household.  

We have invested in top quality, professional equipment. Our Groom Professional Ultimate Electric Bath, lowers to a height of 35 cm, and our Groom Professional Pearl Electric 48″ Table, lowers to a height of 36cm, allowing some dogs to walk straight into the bath and onto the table safely, without the need to be picked up, which can in certain dogs, cause additional stress. 

 Our top of the range Bio i600 dryer/blaster has variable speeds and heat settings, it incorporates the latest dryer technology including an ionic capability, which means the hair dries faster, with less damage and retains shine and vitality. It also has a special inlet system to reduce noise, leading to a more comfortable experience for Your dog. 

The range of shampoos, conditioners, colognes and spritzers were selected because first and foremost they are safe, kind and gentle on the skin, kind to the environment and are biodegradable. They benefit from Coconut based cleaners, natural and organic ingredients; Oat protein, Pomegranate, Cucumber, Green Tea, Apple, Lime Flower, Chamomile Flower, Horse Chestnut, Hop, Fennel, Mint, Dandelion, Aloe Vera, Wheat, Mango, Pine Tree Root, Pure Bee’s Honey and Jasmin. Along with a blend of botanical oils which include: Camomile, Jasmin, Rose, Geranium, Patchouli, Lily, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Sweet Almond, Macadamia seed, Olive, Pomegranate, Argon, Spinosa Kernel and Safflower Seed, leaving delightful aromas.

The Bare Bones Spa’s heating system allows the room temperature to be adjusted to suit different breeds and additional fans are supplied during summer months where needed.

Our Vivog steriliser uses ultra violet light to remove any bacteria from scissors, blades, combs, brushes etc. thereby eliminating the chance of cross infection.

 We use Safe4, a DEFRA approved disinfectant to keep our Bare Bones Spa hygienically clean. 

All of the above leads to a more safe, comfortable and pleasurable experience for Your dog.

 Treatments offered: 

 The Pure Spa

Perfect for in-between full grooms our Pure Spa includes two washes in one of our luxury shampoos (and conditioner where appropriate), dried and finished off with a spritz of cologne. 

 * Pleased be advised that we are unable to offer this service if the coat is matted.

  The Indulgence Spa

Our Indulgence Spa includes two washes in one of our luxury shampoos (and conditioner where appropriate), drying, pet styling, ears cleaned, ear plucking (where appropriate), nail clipping, paw tidy, pad trim and finished off with a spritz of cologne. 

 Best Paw Forward

This includes nail clipping, paw tidy, pad trim and paw pads waxed if required 

 Muddy Paws (wash and dry paws only)

During winter months we offer a quick clean-up of those muddy paws before going home after a lovely walk. 

 As an optional extra why not have Your dog’s paw pads waxed to help keep pads from cracking. 

Nail Clipping

Nails clipped only 

 **Please note: We do not deep clean ears or perform anal gland expressions as recommended by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons May 2014. 

 For these services our fees are dependent on the dog breed, size and coat type.

 Your dog would choose our Bare Bones Spa to keep sparkling clean and healthy.

City and Guilds Grooming Qualified

 Please note:

·         DBS checked

·         Fully insured

·         Qualified canine first aiders

·         All dogs need to have up to date vaccinations

·         We only accept well-adjusted and non-aggressive dogs (if your dog is experiencing difficulties, please refer to our Training section)

·         There will be an extra charge for Bank Holidays

·         Loyalty schemes are available


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